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Custom Made Jewelry
The Process

About Our Jewelry

Customizable Jewelry


Create Your Own

                  Options That Add Flexible Style

  • Flexible 3C Designs

  • Band Builder

  • Adding a Head to a Shank

  • Visualization of Engraving, Special Finishes, Patterns and Stone Setting

  • Set Most Mountings With Any Stone

Jewelry Liquidation

Liquidation Of Unwanted Jewelry

Do you have jewelry you no longer wear?  Or have you inherited jewelry no one in the family wants and you don’t know what to do with it?  Then this service may be for you.  This service is provided as a means of selling the entire lot of unwanted jewelry at one time no matter what condition it is in.


The Process

  • Separate fine jewelry from alloy and costume jewelry

  • Group by quality mark (10k, 14k, 18k) gold, platinum and silver

  • Remove larger natural gemstones for separate sale

  • Search for buyers

  • Payout to customer

Worn, unwanted or broken jewelry
Jewelry you no loner wear or have in inherited and don’t want
Broken jewelry, findings and jewelry parts
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