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Christian Bridal Jewelry

A Wife Of Noble Character

Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?  She is more precious than rubies.  Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life.  She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.

Proverbs 31: 10-12 NLT

Loving Couple

About Dan Balboni

I am a GIA Graduate Gemologist.  This year, after more than 30 years as a jeweler, my career path suddenly took a dramatic turn.  I decided to follow my passion which is bridal jewelry because of what it represents.  A diamond engagement ring represents a man’s promise to marry the woman he loves.  To me, as a Christian, a wedding band represents a commitment between a husband and wife that they have chosen to forsake all others “till death do them part”.  It lets all others know that they are unavailable. It is a symbol of accountability and that there are boundaries in place that honor that commitment. 

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.  Colossians 3:23 NLT

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